This is what you’ll need:

banana pancakes 1

Two large eggs per overripe banana. You can add a dash of cinnamon or vanilla, or even a teaspoon of peanut butter but this is essentially all you need. No milk, no flour, just eggs and a banana. Trust me.

Now smash up the banana and add the eggs. Beat it all together with a fork. (Or a whisk, whatever):

banana pancakes 2

Now spray a hot skillet with some cooking oil and pour in your batter. Smaller is more manageable, because the pancakes will be a bit delicate. When they start to brown on the bottom, flip carefully:

banana pancakes 3

Since you’re already eating two eggs and a serving of fruit, serve with your favorite breakfast meat:

banana pancakes 4

You have to enjoy the flavor of bananas, obviously, but there you go – a perfectly satisfying pancake experience with no wheat, no grain, and very low carbs. These were so naturally sweet that we felt they didn’t need any added sugar or syrup but you do you, man. I won’t judge.

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