Squirrel Report #61

We’re going to talk about stupid things tonight.

  • Bullshit mall ninja “trainers” and “academies” – there was a post out, which has been pulled, about a situation where someone taking a training class was so unnerved by the bad gun-handling skills that they left the course – despite having paid for it. Roll this into the “sending the students downrange” type idiocy into a general “Why are some trainers such douchenozzles?” category.
  • Weerdbeard thinks that the leftists and anti-gun folks – but we repeat ourselves – seem to be ratcheting up the “We need to herd the right-leaning folks/gun owners into the cattle cars” rhetoric.
  • What’s wrong with OH police officers, part II.
  • What’s wrong with OH police officers, part III.


  • Call-in topic: “What are you adding to your e-mails to make the NSA guys job tougher?” – CALL IN (214-530-0036) AND TELL US.

Squirrel Report #61: Join us at 9:00 PM Eastern time tonight!

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