Santa Squirrel Is Coming To Town


Tonight on The Squirrel Report, call in and tell Santa Squirrel what you want for Christmas. You might get it or you might get nuts. (I’d bet on nuts, Santa Squirrel thinks nuts are awesome)

Also, Looks like Illinois will be dragged, kicking and screaming no doubt, into allowing some kind of firearm carry outside the home. AND Union thugs strike again in Michigan. Is there a place for unions in modern America? (I’m going with no, they’re more trouble than they’re worth these days.)

All this and more, tonight!

9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central

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3 Responses to Santa Squirrel Is Coming To Town

  1. cspradlin says:

    I know why no one has called. I tried to call and got a message there was an error with call-forwarding.

  2. glenn b says:

    There I was with my list for Santa Sqyuirrel all ready to read on air, I took a quick break to run upstairs to make a cup of tea, come back down and you guys are saying forget the phone calls and are off the air not long after that! I feel as if I have been violated by a pack of chattering squirrels. Oh the humanity!

  3. glenn b says:

    By the way, I caled and it said press 1 if you want to go on air. Then got nothing for minutes after that.

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