Tonight on The Squirrel Report!

It’s Texas politics this time, and we’re talking open carry and how the state NRA affiliate refuses to support open carry in any way. It’s not the first time a big gun group has been anti-rights. Furthering their own agenda at the expense of the members is always a problem with groups. (Think Baker’s Union and Hostess and perhaps training schools that don’t want training requirements eliminated)

Then there was the “Masshole at Arlington” who thought it would be cute to mock the Silence and Respect sign at the National Cemetery. Actions have consequences, liberals and the first amendment doesn’t mean you can do any fool thing you want and not have it come back on you.

Call in: Suppose a liberal “friend” wants to you to teach them to shoot? Do you do it or tell them to pound sand? Call in and let us know.

All this and MORE! on tonight’s Squirrel Report.

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