We’re back!

After a week away (and travels around the country) our sqrrly hosts have a lot to talk about – the debates, Benghazi, Joe Biden’s teeth, purple balloons, is the Brady Campaign going the way of the gunblogs, Obama and the AWB, and much more!

Since Jay and Weerd are back from exploding prairie dogs, we ask you to regale us with your best tale of pest eradication! (Breda always has someone else kill the spiders.)

And as a special bonus, Alan swears the call-in widget is working! Did we mention that this is a call-in show? You should really call in to call-in shows. Callers make call-in shows a lot of fun! The number is 214-530-0036, so call-in!

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  1. Ratus says:

    Please post a larger squirrelacorn.

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