Beware of face-eating zombie squirrels!

Tonight at 9PM EST we’ll be discussing the recent, and worrisome, zombie outbreak. And voodoo. And bath salts.

And we’ll also be asking the ever-important: “What have YOU done to prepare for a major STHF-type catastrophe?” Because if you’re ready for zombies, well, honey…you’re ready for anything.

We’ll also be talking to the King of the Wookie Suiter Gunblogs.

So tune into The SQRPT tonight at 9, log into the chat and consider calling to join us on air – Weer’d Beard gets lonely.

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15 Responses to Beware of face-eating zombie squirrels!

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  5. Miguel says:

    I always thought the gnomes were going to be the cause of the End of The World…. damn it.

  6. Weer'd Beard says:

    According to Monster Hunter Vendetta, Miguel, you still might be right!

    Gnomes will fuck your shit up! 8)

  7. Ken O says:

    Sammy and I hope to finally tune in, barring technical difficulties.

  8. George Peaslee says:

    Breda your back of the bus comment hit home. I was out today and people were just staring like I was a mutant turtle.

  9. HerrBGone says:

    The thing that bugs me about the .gov mandating things like pool lifts is the same problem I have Obamacare: These mandates essentially cast the .gov in the roll of Vinny the knee-breaker. “Youz gonna do business with my associates in the insurance industry* here or I’m gonna make bad things happen to you.” In the form of fines, confiscations or other penalties.

    * or selling pool lifts or licensing their patent for microstamping or anything else a campaign contributor may be selling…

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