pimp our squirrel

If you listened to last week’s Sqrpt (episode #4) , and hung in there until almost the end, you know that we are having a little blog header contest.

Design something snazzy and slightly irreverent to pretty up our blog and you could win prizes of a somewhat questionable nature* – bragging rights! an atta-boy ON AIR! an autographed item! (I have really nice handwriting) A giant bag of delicious cheesy poof corn twisties that can only be found in select stores near Cleveland, Ohio!

We’ve had a number of excellent submissions already but unfortunately it appears we cannot accept headers that use images taken from Google. Mostly because it makes Alan nervous. Lord knows we’re not making any money off of our squirrely shenanigans. (YET. There has to be a market for slightly drunk librarians who can carry on a decent conversation with a bunch of rowdy gun geeks live on air, while simultaneously attempting to keep up with Gchat and IRC, right?)

Anyway, send your original artwork to spiff up the sqrpt.com and we will make you immortal. The internet is forever, you know.

*& if we have more than one winner, we will rotate the headers. Prizes should be no problem since the cheesy poofs are on sale now – 2/$5

Update: Header image size is 1024 x 200

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8 Responses to pimp our squirrel

  1. Kevin Baker says:

    What was with all the *beeping* in the background?

  2. breda says:

    Special sound effects! For free!

  3. alan says:

    Stupid beeping.

  4. Mike says:

    Slightly drunk? The trash collector popped a hernia hauling the empties away on Monday.

  5. Matthew says:

    Look who got off her ass and wrote something.

    Welcome back to the fight.

  6. bluesun says:

    Awww, guess that means my submissions are out. C’mon, fair use, right?

  7. alan says:

    Blog headers aren’t fair use for someone’s copyrighted work.

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