New show in town

Don’t know what to call it, podcast, netcast, show.   Whatever.

There’s a new one.

This mp3 is just to get the feed going in iTunes.

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9 Responses to New show in town

  1. Breda says:

    8PM Alan time! (central)

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  3. RedeemedBoyd says:

    So very excited for this!
    Will the archives be available in some non-itunes fashion? I am sincerely hoping to never have to encounter that product again, I’ve made that mistake once. :)

  4. RedeemedBoyd says:

    I guess actually looking at the link in the post would have let me know that…
    Anyway, very excited for this. I did notice, though, that in Windows Media Player the pic is the ol’ Vicious Circle picture. Will there be new visual media to accompany the new show?

  5. phred says:

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

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  7. Tommy says:


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