Tonight on The Squirrel Report!

Camping hacks! Whether you’re roughing it with a sheet of plastic and 100 feet of rope or Glamping in the middle ages you all have your favorite camping hacks. Ways you make life a little easier when you’re away from civilization. (I prefer having lots or porters.)

Call in tonight and tell us yours!


Also! Breda will tell us about her visit to the middle ages.

All this and more, TONIGHT!

8:00 FOT, 9:00 Eastern.

Tonight on The Squirrel Report!

Apparently Ebola has mutated and become “less deadly” with a longer incubation period. That actually makes it far more deadly since it has time to spread before it burns out. Is the zombie apocalypse (minus the zombies) finally here?

200,000 guns “lost” in Afghanistan.

Don’t worry, TOP MEN are on the job.

Islamic “Trojan Horse” plots in UK Schools.

MA takes two steps forward and one step back

Yet another secret liberal journalist group.

Plus, Breda has returned from the Middle Ages and will regale us with her tales of time travel.

TONIGHT! 8:00 FOT, 9:00 Eastern.

CALL IN!!! 214-530-0036

Tonight on The Squirrel Report!

Inspired by this post, what ever happened to etiquette and manners and how do we get them back?

Call in topic: What “Old School” thing do you do (or wish you did) and why? (Shave with a straight razor, make your own bacon, grind your own coffee, etc.)

Call In! 214-530-0036

Also: TSA is raising fees. They’re weren’t worth the fee before what makes anyone think they’re worth more now?

All this and MORE, Tonight!

8:00 FOT, 9:00 Eastern.