Squirrel Report – 116

200,000 guns “lost” in Afghanistan. Don’t worry, TOP MEN are on the job. MA takes two steps forward and one step back Yet another secret liberal journalist group. Next week: Camping Hacks! (and maybe Zombies) It’s The Squirrel Report – … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 115

DC’s (brief) constitutional carry The evil that is asset forfeiture. Drug sniffing dogs are a scam. Breda called in from the Middle Ages! All that and more! It’s The Squirrel Report – 115 Get it on iTunes! And now streaming … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 113

The call in topic was: Suggest another “top five” list Rolling Stone could do, like: “Top Five dangerous oceans.” “Top Five Dangerous Continents”. Etc. More War On Women! When you’ve lost Peggy Joseph… It’s The Squirrel Report – 113 Get … Continue reading