Squirrel Report – 154

It’s a retelling of the SQRPT Origin story. Contrary to what your guidance counselor says, not everyone needs to or should go to college. In fact, given the graduation rates, way too many are making the attempt. And so much … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 153

More crazy people doing crazy things to themselves. Also, maybe Bruce should have talked to this guy first. The First Annual SQRPT Award was announced! (With all the pomp and majesty it deserves) It’s The Squirrel Report – 153 Get … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 152

The 2016 Election race has begun with some interesting contenders and has beens in addition to the people who think it’s their turn. WTF, Texas? Apparently there wasn’t enough rain to clean out Austin because the GOP is working hard … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 150

Our guest is Matthew Allen (International Man of Mystery) who writes things like this when he’s not rescuing hostages or protecting plutocrats. He has a great origin story too, you won’t want to miss it. This is the post from … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 147

Government incompetence, some calls, and special guest Oleg Volk. You’ve seen his work in magazine ads and photos on line. He is an outstanding photographer, artist, and a relentless advocate for the 2nd Amendment in the US, self defense and … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 146

Reports from the NRA AM, Moms Demand Action (Not a porn movie) fail. Texas food. Brisket. Why Wataburger is the best. Brisket. Etc. The “new” chat is working great. Y’all come visit. It’s The Squirrel Report – 146 Get it … Continue reading