The Squirrel Report – 220

It’s another EP version of SQRPT, our Christmas gift to you.

International man of mystery, Hayden, is our guest host on this episode. We’re still not sure exactly what Hayden does and I can neither confirm nor deny that he works for MI6. Lots of talk about the UK, the EU, Brexit, crumpets, strumpets, geese, turkeys, and more!

It’s The Squirrel Report – 220

Also available on Stitcher!

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2 Responses to The Squirrel Report – 220

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  2. Matt says:

    Not sure how long Haydon has lived in the US but he seems to have forgotten how the UK tax system works or how to do maths (math). petrol is £1.11 a litre which is £5 a gallon which at £1 is $1.25=$6.25 a gallon not the insane figure quoted. He also made the tax system sounds so bad no one would live here. No body pays tax on the first £11,000($13750) they then pay 20% on earning between the £11000 and £43000. Then 40% on earning from £43000 to £150,000. They do not pay the 40% on everything only the amount above £43k hence anyone getting a pay increase over the threshold is never worst off as the tax only increases on the amount above.
    As for Brexit we didn’t leave solely for people using our health care. Our school, dentists, housing, job market is straining under the load of supporting all of Europe coming to the UK because they are looked after. Looked after at the detriment of the locals who have been supporting these through our tax system and hard work for generations. Then there is unelected eurocrats over ruling laws and policies of our elected government. Only 3 countries of the 28 put money into the EU the UK, Germany and France the rest are there for the ride. The UK were given a say and the said that’s enough.

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