Tonight on The Squirrel Report!

Did you remember to give Uncle Sam his pound of flesh?

Drown your sorrows with us tonight! (BYOB)

Call in topic is a holdover from last week because we like it and didn’t get to hear from many people.

What Science Fiction world would you want to live it? Let us know at 214-530-0036

Jay is back from the NRA Annual Meeting, we might get a few words about that out of him, and we’ll have a call from a first time visitor.

Mom’s Demand Action (not a porn movie) staged a photo at the NRAAM, 80,000 vs 150, why does anyone still listen to these clowns?

Man wears his underwear into a Wataburger and is refused service. He also seems to be mentally ill, insisting that everyone refer to him in third person plural.

All this and more, TONIGHT!

8:00 CDT, 9:00 EDT, 0100 16042015 Zulu

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