Tonight on The Squirrel Report!

What is your secret superpower?

It was revealed this week that I can smell ants. I never realized that lots of people can’t smell ants so that sparked a question about secret superpowers.

Call in and tell us your secret superpower! 214-530-0036

Other topics we may cover:

Jazz hands instead of clapping for special snowflakes and permission slips for Oreos.

NY Times wonders if Bergdahl will get an honorable discharge

Another question is whether the Army will give Sergeant Bergdahl an honorable discharge if he is found guilty of desertion. For members of the military, an honorable discharge is no small matter, and not getting one can hinder not only a veteran’s job prospects but the entirety of how a service memberlook [sic] back on his or her career.

No, it’s not the Onion.

TOP MEN are in charge everywhere.

All this and more, TONIGHT!

8:00 CDT, 9:00 EDT, 0100 03272015 Zulu

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