Tonight on The Squirrel Report!

It’s our 100th Episode!

JayG will be joining us so all the original squirrels will be present for number 100.

Among tonight’s topics:

The stand off in Nevada, National Library Week!, Biden bombs at the Boston Marathon Memorial, Hoax bombs as performance art?

Tonight’s call in question: “Do you obey the law or avoid the consequences?”

Call us at 214-530-0036 and tell us if you obey the law because it’s the law, or do you weigh the consequences and only obey the laws that you might be caught for and have some meaningful penalty. (keep in mind, you probably commit 3 felonies a day, or more, that you don’t even know about.) And what does this all mean for the rule of law? Is it dead?

All this and more, TONIGHT!

8:00 FOT, 9:00 Eastern.

(7:00 Mountain, 6:00 Pacific)

(2:00 am Friday morning, GMT)

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