Squirrel Report – 93

Who you wish would just “STOP HELPING ALREADY” Also, Piers Morgan, Kiev, The ATF, and more!

Featuring some great callers you haven’t heard before!

It’s The Squirrel Report – 93

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One Response to Squirrel Report – 93

  1. kevin says:

    There were a couple of errors in the first part of the show.
    First, the Republican party hasn’t been hijacked by the religious element. The party was founded by religious people and until recently espoused the religious right. In fact, the party has been hijacked by the athiests and agnostics. The democrat Party and the drive-by media use that ‘hijack’ line all the time. It was sad to hear it here.
    Second, Weerd objected to Christians trying to talk to him about Jesus. Sadly for him, it’s compelled by their religion. With them, as with Girl Scouts selling cookies, just say ‘No, thank you’ like a civilized person. Your accessible front door is a legal invitation to knock; if you hate Jesus and cookies, put up a gate and a ‘no trespassing’ sign.
    Thanks for the forum.

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