Squirrel Report #66!

Hoo, boy, have we got a show for you tonight! Breda is off in the “wilds” of Pennsic, so it’s the three boy squirrels discussing – of course – Carlos Danger! Use the Name Generator and you too can have a “sexting” nickname like presumptive NYC mayor Anthony Weiner! We’re also going to cover George Zimmerman pulling a family from an overturned car (Quote that made me LOL: “He fights crime and helps citizens. Obviously George Zimmerman is Batman”). And while we’re on the subject of NYC, there’s more nanny state stupid to discuss.

Your call-in assignment, and you’re going to like this, is to give us your best Weiner headline. Call in! 214-530-0036.

Join us tonight on the Squirrel Report, 9:00 PM Eastern time!

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