Squirrel Report – 59

It was an all call in show! We didn’t even get to the rest of the topics, but that’s ok because they sucked anyway.

The call in question was, “Tell us your favorite girl with a gun from a movie or TV show. We’re going to ask you why she is your favorite so be prepared with a response other than “boobs”.”

And the number one, by FAR was Matilda in Leon.

The rest of the list (in order of mention):

Long Kiss Goodnight – Samantha Caine

Firefly – Zoe

Aliens – Ripley

Jagged Edge – Teddy Barnes

Firefly – Saffron

La Femme Nikita – Nikita

Flashpoint – Jules Callahan

Resident Evil – Alice

Sucker Punch – Babydoll

Tomb Raider – Laura Croft

Burn Notice – Fiona

Battlestar Galactica – Number Eight

Cagney and Lacey

Hanna – Hanna

Tank Girl – Rebecca

Continuum – Kiera Cameron

Star Wars – Princess Leia

The Avengers – Emma Peel

Kick Ass – Hit Girl

Hannibal – Clarice Starling

Underworld – Selene

There is also a homework assignment for next week. Watch the movie, Idiocracy. There will be a quiz and it will count toward your final grade.

It’s The Squirrel Report – 59

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8 Responses to Squirrel Report – 59

  1. Will Brown says:

    Last weeks show was #58; how about a link to #59?

  2. Raptor says:

    Uhh…. the episode that just downloaded into my iTunes library is labeled #59, but it seems to be last week’s episode.

  3. alan says:

    It will update on iTunes in a bit if it hasn’t already. You may have to force it to download again.

  4. Will Brown says:

    Or, you could listen to last weeks show again until it all settles out.

    Good one Alan, thanks. :)

  5. Matt G says:

    So we get Clarice Starling from Hannibal, but not from Silence Of The Lambs? I loved that seen with the adrenaline pouring into her veins, causing her small motor skills to go to crap, yet she still gets the reload, after having beaten the drop on Jame Gumb.

    Molly from Neuromancer. Oh wait– they haven’t made the movie, yet.

  6. Dwight Brown says:

    I’d have to watch “Silence of the Lambs” the movie again, but I remember it being very faithful to the book, and the book itself being very good about gun handing.

    I agree that Ripley kicks butt, but I can’t support having her on the list, since Sigourney Weaver is a notorious gun grabber and complained loudly about having to use guns in “Aliens”.

    I thought about calling in last night and mentioning this one, but the stream crashed on me in the middle of the show, and I got frustrated and went to bed: “Jordan Tate” (Erika Eleniak) in “Under Siege”. I watched that with some friends this past weekend; I don’t think it is a great movie, but it is probably the best of Steven Seagal’s films. And while “Tate” does do a lot of screaming bimbo stuff in it, there’s one great scene where she calmly and cold-bloodly takes out a bad guy. (If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about.)

  7. THOTpolice says:

    No love for Sarah Connor?

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