SQRLs nom aykerns, y’all!


So, you may have heard that the NRA had this little gathering of, oh…only about 80,000 people in Houston last week. Luckily for you, all 4 of the SQRPT hosts attended and are ready to tell of their Texas adventures, both on and off the convention floor.

If you were there too, somewhere in that happy crowd of gun enthusiasts and 2A liberty lovers, we also want to hear from you! Tune in and call in tonight at 9PM EST! (214) 530-0036

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6 Responses to SQRLs nom aykerns, y’all!

  1. Kevin Baker says:

    Wait… are we on Standard time or Daylight Savings Time? Arizona doesn’t use it, so I get all confused.

  2. breda says:

    Whatever time Ohio is on.

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  4. Ratus says:

    Please, post it anyway, Alan

  5. Kevin Baker says:

    Soooo… Where’s the podcast download?

  6. bravokilo says:

    I want my damn sqrpt.

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