SQRPT, now with 100% more assault vomit

For days now, liberals have been speenhanced-buzz-19793-1349448760-19aking the truth – they want women helpless against predators. Cry, they tell us. Use your whistle. Vomit or urinate on yourself to make yourself a less attractive victim. If that fails, tell your potential rapist that you’re on the rag. That should spoil the romance for sure.

Or sign up for judo classes. Makes for a better story when they find your body, at least.

Join us tonight to discuss why the hell liberals want more women victims, not less.

The call-in tonight will be a bit of black humor fun – Put on your thinking caps and describe to us your idea for the most “OMG, that is SO wrong” law enforcement desensitization targets. For example: petite amputee librarian, shoot or no-shoot?

The call-in number is 214-530-0036. We want to hear from YOU.

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5 Responses to SQRPT, now with 100% more assault vomit

  1. George Peaslee says:

    you didn’t mention using an assault stapler.

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  3. JB Miller says:

    Take your double barrel shotgun and shoot into the air. That’ll show those home invaders.

  4. LMB says:

    Petite amputee librarians? It’s not just “shoot,” it’s BRING UP THE .50 before she monkey nuts you to death!
    She’s dangerous!

    (Just a JOKE folks, )

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