Squirrel Report #41

Gun Control: The “Assault Weapons” and Executive Order edition…


With the recent admission by Vice President Biden that President Obama is ready for action, including using Executive Orders, the possibility of some sort of gun control becoming reality in the wake of the Newtown shooting has gotten closer.

Hypocrisy abounds as Hollywood-types – many of whom have made their fortunes starring in violent movies where they use guns – put out a “Public Service Announcement” saying we need to talk about gun violence.

And while we’re on Hollywood and gun control, the idiocy of Biden’s commission meeting with celebrities to discuss gun safety.

Lastly, for a bit of schadenfreude, the son of a member of Biden’s commission was convicted of plotting a Columbine-style massacre. Great choice there, Plugs!

Tonight’s Call-in topic (call in number 214-530-0036 Y U NO CALL IN?) is:

What’s your favorite/most hated gun grabber saying? (think “Why do you need a 30 round magazine?” or “No one needs an AR to hunt!”)

Tune in tonight at 9:00 PM EST for Squirrel Report #41!

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