Squirrel Report – 44

The Weather! Everyone likes to talk about the weather and we had a lot of calls about when weather goes bad. Then we got wrapped up in unconstitutional laws and Personal Defense Weapons! It’s a doozy! The Squirrel Report – … Continue reading

Tonight on SQRPT!

Tonight it’s the unserious Squirrel Report. No politics, no guns, no Obama. We decided we needed a break so we’re going to talk about Tom Cruise getting swatted and the TSA ditching the xray scanners. (Because the TSA is definitely … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 42

It was a night for going off topic because gun bans just aren’t that interesting. When we were on topic we discussed the New York State ban that was passed this week as well as Obama’s executive orders which amounted … Continue reading

Tomorrow on SQRPT!

This week, New York passed an insane new anti-gun bill and today Obama is supposed to reveal his federal anti-gun wish list. Already, legislators from several states have announced bills that if passed would make it illegal for feds to … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 41

Apparently the “what gun grabbers say that you hate the most” was popular. We had calls stacked up almost the whole show. The “executive order” generated some interesting discussion too. Also, Hawaii is pretty nice this time of year. The … Continue reading

Squirrel Report #41

Gun Control: The “Assault Weapons” and Executive Order edition… With the recent admission by Vice President Biden that President Obama is ready for action, including using Executive Orders, the possibility of some sort of gun control becoming reality in the … Continue reading