monster SQRLS!

Tonight we’ll be discussing the hungry monster that is government (RTWT), the plastic anti-gun monster that is Bob Costas, and the wonderful monster that is YOU.

The number is 214-530-0036, the show is at 9PM eastern so call in tonight and talk to us. Because it’s a call-in talk show. There will be topics and perhaps a random pop quiz. (kidding.) (maybe.)

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4 Responses to monster SQRLS!

  1. Dr. Mike says:

    Aw that squirrel ain’t sh*t unless he came off the top rope and put the sleeper hold on the other squirrel. Just sayin’

  2. Glenn B says:

    It’s not a family show anymore!!!

  3. lelnet says:

    No recording this week? Or just not up yet?

  4. brad/dagamore says:

    no show this week? or just not posted up yet?

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