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Pre-Election SQRPT!

Guess what we’re talking about this week?               Elections, Sandy, Elections, Sandy. Oh and Elections. The call in topic is “What is your favorite political gaff?” Because politicians are all ridiculous and it’s our … Continue reading

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Squirrel Report – 31

Trick or Treat! It’s the super Halloween Special! Costumes, candy and tricks, slutty this and that. Also, earthquakes and stupid Italian judges, airport xrays and stupid TSA. All that and so much more! The Squirrel Report – 31 Get it … Continue reading

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You can lead a squirrel to topics…

but you can’t make him think. Here’s a list of things we may talk about, but probably won’t since we always get sidetracked: pizza strips and stupid scientific studies earthquakes and stupid Italian judges airport xrays and stupid TSA and, … Continue reading

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Debate Live Chat

Live chat here during the debate.

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Squirrel Report – 30

What I did on my Fall vacation. Everyone went somewhere and you get to hear about it! Fortunately it’s audio only so there’s no slide show to sit through. There was also talk of debates, stupid MSM moderators, Obama touching … Continue reading

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We’re back!

After a week away (and travels around the country) our sqrrly hosts have a lot to talk about – the debates, Benghazi, Joe Biden’s teeth, purple balloons, is the Brady Campaign going the way of the gunblogs, Obama and the … Continue reading

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No Show This Week

Feel free to amuse yourselves in chat. We’ll be back next week!

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Squirrel Report – 29

One of the aux channels on the mixer crapped out so callers couldn’t hear Breda and Weerd on skype but we managed a halfway decent show anyway. Lots of “blogs are dead”, a reoccurring theme here which is funny because … Continue reading

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Yes, There is a show tonight!

We’ll talk about that shellacking that Romney handed Obama in the first debate. We’ll also talk about the death of blogs, again, certain 2nd Amendment advocacy organizations stuck in the 80’s (technologically speaking). Plus whatever else strikes our fancy. Have … Continue reading

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