hide your squirrels, hide your nuts.

Hey, is it just this election or does it seem like the world is extra insane lately?

Suddenly we’re apologizing for our First Amendment rights all over the world, the president is partying with Beyonce while the world burns, Old Glory has been updated, brownshirts are paying visits in the middle of the night, the liberals are showing their hand, and holy crap – Mitt Romney states the obvious (twice!) and we end up kind of liking him a little bit.

Doozy of a show, huh?

But fear not! It’s not going to be ALL doom, gloom, and are-these-the-End-Times/death of the Republic this evening – tonight’s call-in topic will be:

Who is your favorite character from the Whedonverse* and why.  (& no – you can’t ALL be Jayne Cobb.)


*look it up if you need to, but don’t admit it. Alan has a habit of hanging up on nonbelievers.

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2 Responses to hide your squirrels, hide your nuts.

  1. Gregory Peter DuPont says:

    My favorite character from The Whedonverse?3 way tie-the Operative, Badger and Adelai Niska….

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