SQRLy birthday!

The SQRPT will begin a half hour late tonight because one of our cohosts will be busy conquering hobos and guarding the keys to the gates of knowledge. It is a solemn, self-sacrificng duty which she nobly and humbly endures, especially when she can’t get the night off because everyone else is on vacation. So join us at around 9:30 PM Eastern!

JayG and Weer’d are delinquent this evening, so NancyR will be guest co-hosting! Not only is she talented, witty, and gorgeous but she is damn quick at mailing out bribes to secure her position in SQRPT history.

We plan on talking about open carry beliefs and bigotry (especially among the gun “community”), why sites like TTAG are killing the gunblogs, the hilarity that is the DNC (oh, and how about their call for an “open conversation about firearms”? BTDT, suckers.) and probably much more. Or less, maybe, who knows.

It’s also the SQRPT’s 25th anniversary and ALAN’S BIRTHDAY – so tune in tonight!

Call-in with your open carry stories tonight, whether you do it daily or just when it’s too friggin’ hot for a cover shirt. (sorry, TX) The number is 214-530-0036….and remember a call-in number means YOU CALL IN.

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