Tonight on SQRPT!

We have so many topics we probably won’t get to them all.

(Tonight’s topics suggested by JB Miller)

Bredas new haircut. Haircuts in general, buzzed with goat tees also.

Ammo acquisitions by odd gov agencies.

Conservative Lobby shooting. Liberals hate guns because they are shitty shots.

Northcoast Blogshoot!!

Breda Leg update.

Economists are piling up behind Romney. Math will win this election, not fuzzy warm emotion kittens named Hope.

The end of summer. Dammit…

And some additional topics

Boy, were we wrong about the VP pick.  I don’t think anyone thought it would be Ryan.

Another push to make guns a medical problem.


Be there or be somewhere else!


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  1. dagamore says:

    end of summer? its always summer in Hawaii. :p much better then that horrible no winterplace I called Germany.

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