Yes, sir, it’s a SQRPT.

Tonight Alan, JayG, Weerd, theBreda will be talking about assorted stuff. News, chamberpots, plucking out eyeballs, why Sikhs are WAY more badass than Muslims, the Obama sad trombone of the week, and much much more.

And since theBreda is attempting to reacclimate to real life after an excellent Pennsic adventure, she expects you all to call in and inundate her with your weirdness. Nothing like drinking from a fire hose, right?

Join us tonight at 9PM Eastern!!

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3 Responses to Yes, sir, it’s a SQRPT.

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  2. Nancy R. says:

    Yup Chambepots. Best when you put a (clean) disposable diaper on the bottom. Sucks up the pee and deadens the noise.

  3. BenC says:

    It doesent seem to be posting on iTunes

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