Squirrel Report – 17

The Detroit cop’s magic holster or “the hug of death”, The UN Small Arms Treaty, Our (un)manly president And 911 fail: What happens when the infrastructure breaks for more than a few hours?

The Squirrel Report – 17

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2 Responses to Squirrel Report – 17

  1. Never understood why cops (usually young ones) liked to patrol with their weapon safeties off. It’s moronic and begging for something like this to happen. He had to of had a round in the chamber with the safety off for this to happen. It’s negligence and he should be subject to the appropriate laws on negligent homicide. I’ve carried a live weapon in 3 wars and can say that there is no reduction in response time in bringing a weapon to bear by a trained professional with the safety engaged. This officer was unprofessional and stupid resulting in a civilian death by his actions.

    LOVE the logo by the way!

  2. Gregory Peter DuPont says:

    Either a BAD holster design, or a LOT more.to the story…. my daily carry at work is a Glock 23( chamber loaded) in a SERPA rig.No problems……had to be some cheap nylon rig….maybe that or a LOT more to the story.

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