This week on SQRPT: Independence?

This week on The Squirrel Report: In honor of Independence Day we’re going to be talking about all the things you can’t do any more in the USA.

Mail order guns and lawn darts are the classic examples but there are many more.

Call in and tell us what you used to do that you no longer can.

Thursday Night at 9:00 Eastern.

(Please don’t list them here, save them for the show.)

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6 Responses to This week on SQRPT: Independence?

  1. Riley says:

    With the UN gun crap that’s about to start up, what do you all think we are doing now that we won’t be doing this time next year?

  2. Cormac says:

    I’ll try to tune in live…let’s see if it works this week.

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  4. glenn b says:

    Wht was the noise that kept going on and off during the first part of the show? Sounded like a somewhat muffled phone ringing in the background.

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