Squirrel Report – 19

What is it with politicians and gun control? First Obama quickly followed by Romney while Bloomberg called for a cop strike. Then there was that theater shooting. Lot’s of dumbassery there. And we spiced it up with some pepper spray … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 18

Topics Galore! Internet Cafe defense shooting, Obama: You didn’t build that, TSA and suspicious bulges, Florida Sheriff Deputies shooting the innocent. I think we talked about all those at least twice. The Squirrel Report – 18 Get it on iTunes! … Continue reading

Topics Galore!*

(*Pussy Galore’s better looking sister.) What a week! And it’s not even half way over. We got your 71 year old hood rat whacker, Cops gunning down innocent people (Again), You didn’t build that, And now it’s a meme! But … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 17

The Detroit cop’s magic holster or “the hug of death”, The UN Small Arms Treaty, Our (un)manly president And 911 fail: What happens when the infrastructure breaks for more than a few hours? The Squirrel Report – 17 Get it … Continue reading

This week on SQRPT!

The Detroit cop’s magic holster, (Nice quote from Rick Ector there) The UN Small Arms Treaty More Liberal Double Standards Our (un)manly president All this and MORE!!!   Including your calls, live! Thursday night at 8:00 Central. … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 16

This week on The Squirrel Report: In honor of Independence Day we talked about all the things you can’t do any more in the USA. Flush toilets that work, chemistry sets, lawn darts, mail order guns, freon, fireworks, free time, … Continue reading