Squirrel Report – 13

Tonight’s episode featured our old friend audio problems! We also talked about Guns: Tools or more? Bloomberg’s soda fiasco (Featuring a special guest appearance by Mike Fallacy) Mdev was appointed the official SQRPT social secretary. And there was some other … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 12

It’s SQRPT with an International flair! The Wisconsin recall election, Union suck and fail, training llama, Sociological problems in the gunblogosphere. Blog O’ Da Week was Gun Free Zone and Miguel had a few words about this and that. We … Continue reading

Smack Down!

This week on SQRPT! The Wisconsin recall election Union suck and fail Also, training stupidity. Blog O’ Da Week is Gun Free Zone. Live! Friday, June 8th 8:00 pm Central. … Continue reading

Squirrel Report – 11

ZOMBIES!!!!! That’s right, they’re everywhere this week. Face eating zombies on the highway, room mate eating zombies, ripping hearts out zombies, Canadian bi-sexual pornstar zombies. Whew! Time to get prepared! The pool lift issue generated a lot of talk this … Continue reading