Coming up on SQRPT!

Tomorrow night, 8:00 pm Central LIVE!

Call-in show thread will be about guns in dreams/nightmares. 214-530-0036

Other topics:

This video about beta males. Also, beta females vs. alpha females.

The first gay president pandering to women, telling them they can be both stylish and powerful and smarter than men (but can’t pay for their own birth control or carry a gun to protect themselves from predators?)

Our featured blog post of the week is this one by Ambulance Driver wherein AD defends himself admirably against the dreaded libertarians.

All that and more on this week’s Squirrel Report!

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6 Responses to Coming up on SQRPT!

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  2. Glenn B says:

    How does one tune into this show?

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  4. Miguel says:

    Top right corner…. click on the player

  5. danno says:

    Where is the chat?

  6. danno says:

    disregard… found it.

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