Squirrel Report – 6

HOOKERGATE! Also Jay’s mic fail, Header “winners”, chief nerd herder and more.

This week we featured two posts from Linoge: The herd will not save you and Just another data point.

The Squirrel Report – 6

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4 Responses to Squirrel Report – 6

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  2. Jason K says:

    Great show! Alan, I burned my TSRA card a long time ago. As long as the FUDD’s and the CHL-instructor mafia run TSRA, Texas will never see open carry or Constitutional carry….

  3. Jason K says:


    Just an example of what the TSRA instructor mafia is most concerned about….

  4. Jennifer says:

    Excellent show. I’ll have to make sure and call and tease you when OK finally passes that bill.

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