This Friday on The Squirrel Report

Weerd just visited Williamsburg and found a whole new appreciation for modern technology. This Friday at 8:30 Central, we’ll talk about how much better things are now. It will be a refreshing alternative to the doom and gloom you’ve been hearing all week.

Also, Thomas Kinkade just died and since we all hate him we’ll have a collective spit on his grave.

Among other things.

You can listen live here, and even call in and participate.

See you Friday.

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5 Responses to This Friday on The Squirrel Report

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  2. Dwight Brown says:

    I’m also hoping that you’ll find some time to discuss this:

    Washington Post Squirrel Week.

  3. Borepatch says:

    Is there a dial-in number?

  4. Tekmage says:

    tinfoil hat issues?

  5. dagamore says:

    the call in number is 214. 530. 0036 iirc.

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