Squirrel Report – 6

HOOKERGATE! Also Jay’s mic fail, Header “winners”, chief nerd herder and more. This week we featured two posts from Linoge: The herd will not save you and Just another data point. The Squirrel Report – 6 Get it on iTunes! … Continue reading

Chat, Take 2

We’ll be trying a different chat this week. The last one bogged down pretty bad. This one is through a hosted chat service so it should stay up. We’ll see.

Squirrel Report – 5

This week we featured a great post from OldNFO pointing out some of the more ridiculous examples of PC going on today. Also in this show: NRA 2012, Why Romney isn’t automatically better than Obama, Don’t buy a Prius as … Continue reading


I’ve added a chat plugin to the site here so on Friday nights there will be a link to a chat page. (Kinda like what BTR does only with a lot less suck) Stop by Friday evenings for a listen … Continue reading