Squirrel Report – Episode 1

The Shoutcast service I used died at the start of the show and didn’t come back for an hour but we kept going and took some calls. Shoutcast came up about 9:30 and we went another 30 minutes or so.

Had some good calls, and if you listen you get to hear Breda in fangirl mode.

The Squirrel Report – Episode 1

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6 Responses to Squirrel Report – Episode 1

  1. Jason K says:

    Great show, y’all! Any chance you can link the bloggers who called in on here?

  2. Breda says:


  3. Jason K says:

    Esp. the Breda Fangirl blog…. ;)

  4. Jason K says:

    Thank you….for the link and the tease…. ;)

  5. mike w. says:

    The Breda fangirl was funny!

    I also called in, but trust me, go to the breda fangirl blog first.

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