System Test, the recording

System Test, the recording

By popular demand (don’t get used to it) here is the recorded portion of last night’s test.

The Squirrel Report – Test 1

Get it on iTunes!

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5 Responses to System Test, the recording

  1. So, is the plan to listen-live-or-not-at-all going forward? I do see where saving and storing the MP3’s is a royal pain, and anyone listening to them later loses the ability to call in and contribute. But some archival capability seems useful too.

  2. alan says:

    The don’t get used to it comment was referring to “popular demand”.

    The regular episodes will be archived and available on the website here or on iTunes.

  3. NP, I understand now. Waiting for this to get going. :)

  4. Jason K says:

    Nice….can’t wait to see this one launch….

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